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Participatory Budgeting

Create a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable city through civic participation. Involve citizens in decision-making about a part of the city's budget and win their trust.
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Participatory budgeting is an innovative way of managing public finances. The City Hall allocates a portion of the public budget for projects that the citizens initiate. Local people know best what needs to be improved in their neighborhood. They vote on the projects together and the city implements the winning ones.

Who benefits from participatory budgeting?


Get a tool to effectively participate in the transformation of their surroundings for the better. Thanks to it they'll understand how the city management works.


Gets to know the needs and problems of its citizens and improves its relations with the public. Locals become valuable partners who help to look at the city's problems from different perspectives.


Participation helps to build a harmonious coexistence of all actors in the city. It develops neighborly relations and increases interest in local events.

„Participation increases citizens' interest in the development of the city.“

Vladimir Koren, former Mayor of City Ricany, Czech Republic

Jak proces Udržitelného města funguje


Sociálně-ekonomická analýza města


Mapování institucí ve městě


Skupinový výzkum mezi občany


Validační průzkum a sběr dat


Analýza získaných dat


Konečný report vč. doporučení

Benefits of our solution

Secured voting
Online voting is highly secured. Unique PIN codes ensure that only authorized people vote.
Automatic online system
Citizens can simply online propose their projects and vote for those they want to implement.
Unique voting method
Thanks to the method of multiple votes, which is generally very popular in participation, you achieve the best consensus.
Communication with the public and information about the project is ensured by a website with its own editorial system.
Comprehensible results
You will get clearly formulated information, thanks to which you will find the most suitable solution. They will help you make better choices, save money and communicate with others.
GDPR Compliant
The protection and security of personal data is a top priority. We regularly check and test our systems. All data belongs to you.

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How does it work?

The municipality allocates an amount from the public budget and citizens themselves decide how to use it. It is up to the Town Hall whether to involve only residents with permanent residence, or also fellow citizens who work, study and spend their free time in the place. People propose projects through the online platform and then vote on them. The Town Hall implements the winning ones. Participation has clearly defined rules in advance, according to which the Office assesses the feasibility of projects. One year of participatory budgeting is divided into several phases (from the initial information campaign to the announcement of the results) and lasts approximately 9 months. For maximum effect, the participatory budgeting should be repeated in the following years.

What's the price?

We derive the price from the complexity of the project, the specifics and requirements of a particular municipality. It is affected by its size (i.e. the number of inhabitants), the nature of the solution (e.g. one-time project or annual license) and the scope of additional services (e.g. detailed data analysis, above-standard consultations).

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Odbornici na participaci

Project preparation

We’ll help you with the questionnaires and setting the project rules.

Communication strategy

We’ll advise you on the information campaign so as many people as possible are involved in the project.

Data processing & analysis

We’ll give you comprehensible results after the project ends.

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