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School Polls and Voting

Get to know your students’ opinions, problems, and needs. Gain important data for changing your school of the better.
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Where to go on a school trip, which prom theme to choose, and who is the most popular teacher? Let the students comment on questions that concern them. With the Decision 21 online platform, you can implement various surveys, competitions, and polls. You can use it within school councils or when revising school rules.

School surveys and polls help the whole school community

You’ll gain awareness about opinions and needs of students, their parents or teachers

You’ll be able to organize online polls and surveys on various topics

You’ll involve pupils and students in your school’s development

„The students and teachers vote helped the school management revise the school rules and disciplinary infractions.“

Marie Lejckova, Former Principal, Bezrucova Elementary School, Ricany, Czech Republic

Jak proces Udržitelného města funguje


Sociálně-ekonomická analýza města


Mapování institucí ve městě


Skupinový výzkum mezi občany


Validační průzkum a sběr dat


Analýza získaných dat


Konečný report vč. doporučení

Benefits of our solution

Customized style of questionnaires
We adjust the questionnaires to your needs and visual style - including adding photos or videos.
Secured voting
Online voting is highly secured. Unique PIN codes ensure that only authorized people vote.
School competitions and polls
Allow students to decide on things that concern them - school trips, prom theme, or choosing their favorite teacher.
A tool for school parliaments
Conducting various surveys and polls can be a suitable activity for school parliaments / councils. Or you can let the students choose their representatives through school elections.
Comprehensible results
You will get clearly formulated information, thanks to which you will find the most suitable solution. They will help you make better choices, save money and communicate with others.
GDPR Compliant
The protection and security of personal data is a top priority. We regularly check and test our systems. All data belongs to you.

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Odbornici na participaci

Project preparation

We’ll help you with the questionnaires and setting the project rules.

Communication strategy

We’ll advise you on the information campaign so as many people as possible are involved in the project.

Data processing & analysis

We’ll give you comprehensible results after the project ends.

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We’ll prepare a solution that fits your needs. According to your requirements, experience and number of inhabitants, we’ll propose an optimal procedure.