Decision 21

Decision 21 is an online platform for civic participation that makes group decision-making easier. It handles various participatory projects and offers various voting methods. It is safe, intuitive and versatile.

Reasons you will fall in love with it

Automatic online system

Citizens can simply propose their own projects online and vote for those they want to implement. Voting is based on the principle of the method D21. As an administrator, you can edit proposals, change their status according to the current phase of the project, and publish updates on the website. Communication with the public and information about the progress of the project will be ensured by a website with its own editorial system. We run it on the domain you specify and adapt it to your visual identity.

Comprehensible results

Votes are counted in real time. Results and basic analysis are available immediately after voting ends and can be distributed via e-mail. You will receive clearly formulated information, thanks to which you will find the most suitable solution. They help you make better decisions, save money and communicate with others.

Smart solution for your projects

For everyone and all devices

The Decision 21 platform is available online on all devices with an Internet connection, without the need to download and install anything. It is user friendly and can handle large and small projects, with a personal approach to each client.

Secure voting in compliance with GDPR

We offer various methods of voter verification: the widely popular SMS and unique PIN codes, through the Citizen's Portal or the organization's internal ID. Voting invitations can be automatically sent to authorized persons by e-mail. The protection and security of personal data is a priority for us. We regularly check and test our systems. All data belongs to you.

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Online voting tool Poll21

Can't decide where to have teambuilding? Which place to go for a beer with friends? Or do you need an effective board decision-making tool in your company? Our free online voting tool Poll21 helps you to make a group decision on... basically anything. Just create an account, make a poll, invite others to it and vote. The magic lies in the method D21 - you can use multiple votes and even cast a minus vote to an option you don't agree with.

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