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School Participatory Budgeting

Let pupils and students develop the school community through participatory budgeting.
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Students get to decide how to spend part of the school's budget. They propose ideas to improve their surroundings and share them with their peers. Students gain a positive experience of the democratic process and develop core skills - teamwork, budgeting, compromising, critical thinking, and public speaking - in a fun and engaging way. Our intuitive app guides the coordinators through the entire process.

Who benefits from school participatory budgeting?


Develop communication and presentation skills and the sense of changing their surroundings for the better.


Gain practical teaching aid. Engage children in beneficial activities, improves the atmosphere in classrooms and throughout the whole school.


Finds out needs, struggles or wishes of its students. Strengthens the trust of students and their parents in the school management.

„I noticed that the students before coming up with ideas deliberated among themselves and also enquired with their parents regarding the scope of ideas. This was a collective enquiry as the students also involved the teachers in the process as well.“

Ajay Kumar Chaubey, Principal, RPVV School - Hari Nagar, New Delhi, India

Jak proces Udržitelného města funguje


Sociálně-ekonomická analýza města


Mapování institucí ve městě


Skupinový výzkum mezi občany


Validační průzkum a sběr dat


Analýza získaných dat


Konečný report vč. doporučení

Benefits of our web app

To make the organization of School Participatory Budgeting easier, we have prepared a web application that guides you through the entire process. It provides all important instructions and documents, helps organize the voting and automatically calculates the results.

Step by step
Our app guides you through the PB step by step.
Detailed instructions always at hand
You have documents with instructions for each step.
Materials ready for printing
Posters, forms and diplomas are automatically generated by the application. Just print them out.
Task checklist
For each of the seven stages, you simply cross off the tasks you have already completed.
Online voting
The platform enables easy online voting secured by unique PIN codes.
Voting results
The results are available to you immediately after the voting ends. You can wait for their official announcement, or send them automatically to e-mails.

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Odbornici na participaci

Project preparation

We’ll help you with the questionnaires and setting the project rules.

Communication strategy

We’ll advise you on the information campaign so as many people as possible are involved in the project.

Data processing & analysis

We’ll give you comprehensible results after the project ends.

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