School participatory budgeting (School PB) is a process in which pupils and students decide on part of school finances. They have the chance to express their wishes and actively participate in the running of the school. During the processing of their project, working in a team, discussions and presentations, they gain valuable practical experience. The popular participatory tool is used by dozens of schools in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries.

Thanks to your preferred crowdfunding platform, you can finance School PB not only from resources from school or city, but also from the public. Reach out to school supporters or local businesses! We set up the process to minimize the otherwise necessary paperwork associated with public collection. We will pass on our know-how in the field of crowdfunding and school participation to make the project successful. Money is not collected for specific student projects, but for the entire participatory process. What does it mean? You can familiarize the public with the projects proposed by pupils and students in PB. But you cannot influence which one will win. This is decided by the students in a school-wide vote. The more money you collect, the more winning projects you can implement.