The municipality allocates an amount from the public budget and citizens themselves decide how to use it. It is up to the Town Hall whether to involve only residents with permanent residence, or also fellow citizens who work, study and spend their free time in the place. People propose projects through the online platform and then vote on them. The Town Hall implements the winning ones. Participation has clearly defined rules in advance, according to which the Office assesses the feasibility of projects. One year of participatory budgeting is divided into several phases (from the initial information campaign to the announcement of the results) and lasts approximately 9 months. For maximum effect, the participatory budgeting should be repeated in the following years.

What's the price?

We derive the price from the complexity of the project, the specifics and requirements of a particular municipality. It is affected by its size (i.e. the number of inhabitants), the nature of the solution (e.g. one-time project or annual license) and the scope of additional services (e.g. detailed data analysis, above-standard consultations).